Pool Safety Steps After a Brush Fire


          With fires occurring at a much more frequent rate in Southern California, it is critical that homeowners understand how to properly clean and or assess their swimming pool or spa after a nearby brush fire. If there was recently a wildfire in your area and you are concerned about the possible buildup of ash in your pool, take a moment and read our tips on how to properly clean or asses a swimming pool and spa before using it.


          These are the guidelines recommended by the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) and the Department of Environmental Health:

  1. Clean skimmer baskets of debris and skim water surface of pool with pool net to remove floating debris.
  2. Brush sides and bottom of pool to loosen contaminants. Vacuum pool.
  3. Backwash and clean filter, discharging waste to municipal sanitary sewer only. Connected to a septic tank system, discharge the backwash to a pervious surface (gravel, lawn, open space) to allow for infiltration without erosion. Backwash to the storm drain system (alleys, driveways, streets, storm drains) and creeks is prohibited by law.
  4. Check pH and adjust to between 7.2 and 8.0.
  5. Check free chlorine level and adjust to minimum of 2.0 ppm.
  6. Ensure the recirculation system is operating properly by checking filter pressure and/or flow meter.
  7. Reopen pool to bathers when pH levels are 7.2 to 8.0 and free chlorine is level 2.0 ppm.
  8. Due to the amount of smoke and ash in the air, these steps may need to be repeated after cleaning the filters.
  9. Draining of pools is not recommended. If you must drain the pool, contact the stormwater program of your local jurisdiction for guidance. In general, pool water must be dechlorinated to 0.0 ppm chlorine and have a pH between 7.2 and 8.0 if it is drained.

Next Steps

          While some may choose to tackle this on their own, it is always an option to hire Southcoast Pool and Spa to perform an inspection on your swimming pool or spa. Our technicians are trained to identify possible damages caused from ash, in addition to cleaning your pool filter to keep your pool ash-free. Call us today to schedule an appointment when we can come out! Visit our contact page here!